Posted April 6, 2015

There’s something about riding a bike that’s simply contagious and freeing. And that something has us reaching for our handlebars time and time again. Nothing can compare to discovering your world by bike, no matter how old you are. We laugh, smile and spend quality time with our favorite people – all on two wheels. Here at Saris, we love bicycles and strongly believe that creating safe places for people to ride can also create a better quality of life.

If you agree, help us spread the love of the bike by sharing your beloved bicycling photos and greatest bike stories. For six months (April – September) we will pick our favorite story and donate $1,000 to the winner’s local Bike Advocacy Group. With this effort we will not only share our love of bicycling, we’ll also create great places for our children’s children to ride a bike!

Instagram-612x612 longfortheride-MAIN

1. Share an original photo or video (new or old) featuring you and your loved ones riding your bike.
2. Post a photo or short video (~15 – 30 sec) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,
YouTube, Vine or VIMEO between April 1 – September 30.
3. Hashtag #longfortheride.
4. Lastly submit your entry at saris.com/longfortheride and share your story about your best bicycling experience.
We love to hear great bicycling stories, so don’t be hesitant to elaborate!