Introducing: Schwalbe SuperGravity Tires

Posted May 9, 2013

Coming from a downhill mountain biking background, learning to ride all-mountain/trail bikes has been fun, yet challenging. I find the bikes can be a tad twitchy which can leave me anxious and apprehensive as I dive into the trails. Switching over to Schwalbe Hans Dampf tires made the bikes corner and track predictably and confidently. They’ve been amazing in both dry and wet conditions, and have brought me success on sun-baked rock lines or rim-deep mud holes.

New for 2013, was the introduction of the Super Gravity construction in their AM tires, making them perfect for the aggressive trail disciplined rider. They’re sidewalls are stiff like a downhill casing, but still weight in sub 1000 grams. Check out the following link for a full explanation and video from Schwalbe on their new Super Gravity technology.

Stephen Matthews: Inside Sales rep at Orange Sport Supply and bike destroyer