We are proud to welcome Dissent Labs and Personal Best Products to Orange Sport Supply!

Posted May 15, 2013

Orange Sport Supply doesn’t just distribute any old brand and this shouldn’t be news to you. Our catalogue isn’t 1000 pages long and anyone who works here can probably name every single brand that we carry.

We offer products that are high quality and relevant. Products that get us excited and that we would use ourselves. We don’t simply grab any brand that is out there in attempts of bicycle P&A distribution domination. Each addition is carefully thought-out and evaluated. Discussions are had and samples are used and tested. If we deem a brand worthy of occupying space in our warehouse and our catalogue it means that it is something special and it deserves the attention of dealers and consumers alike. With all of that in mind- we are very proud to announce the addition of Dissent Labs and Personal Best Products to the Orange Sport Supply repertoire.

Presenting Dissent Labs:
Dissent Labs is the thought-leader in next-to-skin, sock, compression, and gear-solution technology for the action sport and action outdoor athlete. For ourselves, for our customers, and for our team riders, these sports demand respect and full commitment. Equipment needs to work.

Born out of necessity, Dissent Labs engineers gear-solutions by partnering with technology leaders and visionaries, using best-in-class, movement-specific materials and techniques. Beyond the science and data, every Dissent Labs product is a reflection of the time we spend collaborating with the world’s best athletes, in the toughest and most intimidating conditions imaginable. Engineering is always the priority.

Dissent Foot Star HollowFoot Labs off end

Presenting Personal Best Products:
Personal Best Products LLC is owned and operated by individuals who are passionate about healthy living, athletics and the environment. Like many of you, they are astounded that countless products are marketed and sold which contain substances harmful to humans and animals, as well as to our soil and water.

Their experience and expertise span multiple markets, as do these unique new products. The skin lubricant (chamois cream) is used by athletes as diverse as their sports – from rugby to cycling.

PersonalBest Products will help you perform to the best of your ability and take care of your equipment, while protecting yourself and respecting the natural surroundings in which you love to play.

Personal Best Products

Contact your nearest dealer to find products from Dissent Labs and Personal Best Products.